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Living and Learning

Life and it’s many lessons, blessings, heartaches and struggles seem to be a part of a greater plan. An opportunity to live and learn to be stronger, better, to be more, yet also a road to some that find themselves singing the same ole’ song, stuck in a rut or finding the comfort of darkness forgetting to cherish the very gifts that their survival has graced them with.  So many have walked through hell of heartache, of great tragedy  walking through it without recognizing that they now can sing a new song with a renewed sense of appreciation as each day approaches. 

Others come through their own storms ready to tackle each moment, each conversation, each day with a renewed sense of being that outshines the sun, even when the clouds are dark and threatening… they look for the rainbow just because they have been through so much. They have learned, they refuse to be lessened by conversations, situations, or circumstance.  They, in their own way, defy gravity by their attitude, by their heart song, by their every breath.

What are you doing to make yourself feel fantastic and those around you who are the recipient of your words and your presence?

Feelings, thoughts, opinions all live within each person… they change like tides at times, they come they go. They can be influenced or directed by others, their actions, behaviors, their words.  In good or bad ways. Mistakes happen; some will call that learning! People get through it, some harbor grudges, some laugh about it, others push through it; let’s call that living!  We can either climb the mountain, sit at the bottom. We can surf the waves, dive under them… or sit on the sand and talk about those who live their own way while wishing we had the nerve or courage!

 What are you learning as you are living the best life possible for you?
We may walked many miles, lived through many an experiences, joys, heartaches, but we are never too old to learn. When others let us know of their steps, we always can glean something new, or maybe not. BUT, we can recognize whatever it is from another with simply a nod, simply some encouragement, or perhaps a reminder that life is to be lived fully, vividly, and beautifully.  In troubled times, we can still be soft, be kind, be beautiful. It comes from within, it is how we will be remembered. It is one of life’s lessons in grace, it is LIVING.
  BE… all that you were born to be and then strive to be better. 
That’s a wrap for this day, (and maybe even tomorrow)
Walk in beauty,

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