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July is here!

Here we are, July of 2014… seems just yesterday it was July 1st of 2013! Time sure does fly whether or not you are having fun it seems!  Summer in all her glory, flowers are spectacular, the heat is on across much of the Nation and school is OUT! Great news for those who commute the roads and are often stuck in traffic secondary to buses, lines of cars pulling up and on the sides of the roads… great for those who now are enjoying each and everyday entertaining the kiddies, playing with wild abandon.  We are but a few days away from the fireworks that again will light up the night skies and America the Beautiful will be heard as folks stand making joyous noise once again.

Folks will gather, bbq’s will be fired up and the beaches will fill with those wanting to make memories across our great Nation.  People will try to avoid the news of the latest Supreme Court decisions, the fact that more of our men and women are being deployed to place of war since the beginning of time and are placed in harms way. Maybe for the beginning of July as bags are packed and people are moving through their days, they will try to not think about those who are moving across our borders illegally, or what will be done to rectify it.

Perhaps folks will focus on kindness, on compassion, on being their best selves as move through their days and nights joyfully. Just maybe folks will step out of their comfort zone and into bliss just by shifting their thoughts, attitude, or activities! Be Bold,Be Daring,Be you! Beautiful God Given YOU… 

It’s a new month, a new time, a new moment to be more … in thought, action, attitude. 

How in the world did it get to be July so soon?

Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, then get dancing shoes on! The music of life is playing and I cannot imagine missing the dance, or the great sights we will be seeing along the way.

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends!

And a most Happy July to all.
Dare to be amazed.

Walk in beauty,

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