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My Message To ALL Politicians

#Politicians ” It is like watching Sybil sometimes as you change your statements over and over from your years of being a politician and then swear you never said what is on video and in the news that you did say.” GREAT READ…

Work The Dream

Simply danLrene signiaThe world has certainly changed in the past years and part of that change has been in how those that run our country have changed. Now let me start with this caveat…..I am neither Republican nor Democrat nor Tea-party nor Independent nor any of the other Political parties. I am an American.

When I vote, I vote by person and not by party. To be honest I am sick of parties and all the political drama of the past years. So, being as I am older than dirt, here is my message to ALL politicians and as I find most politicians just skim things I am going to make it in bullets so it is easier to skim the blog and still get the message. Maybe I should put it in the News so that some of you read it but then again we have news media that has bias…

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