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Welcome to this page!

This page is filled with daily musings and ponderings, read by people across the globe, while sometimes funny, often inspirational, and sometimes heart wrenching.

 The page was born of introducing my book;

 Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life; is a book of loss and grief, 


but most

importantly it is a book of HOPE and Healing.


The daily posts on this page are more than what is known to be a “blog” it has developed and grown into a page of “gentle warriors” who relate with each other and with the words that are often written. Some find the strength in knowing they are never alone, they are a part of the greater Universal energy that begins within each of us.
While humor always accompanies heartache one will often find humor in the weaving of the words here, and sometimes one will find simply updates of life.

We can call things many things, but if they touch the heart, the nervous system, they ultimately reach the brain and then harmony is felt within if only for a while one can celebrate the “warrior within”, communicate with each other and be validated here on this page together!
I stand continually amazed at the resiliency of the human spirit.

Having spent most of my professional career working in hospice and being a 9/11 responder I now speak internationally on issues of loss, grief, hope and healing, of ways to restore and refuel passion for ones’ work and life balance.
I invite you to visit me at





and to comment here as one more who gathers as a gentle warrior in light, compassion and kindness along the journey,
May you walk in Beauty,

Dr. Sherry


One comment on “Welcome to this page!

  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because I think your blog is a great one. Please go to my blog to see what to do and to get the award picture to post on your page.

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