Tarpon Springs, FL ~ NYC… The Thin Blue Line

May the families, friends, communities find comfort with each other in some way, in some time, in some place. Thank you officers for your service. My heart is heavy. @DrSES on Twitter

The Compassionate Friends will soon light the night sky; Remembering

As December begins, the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many are missing those who have gone before us. Many many are filled with memories when their lives were brighter somehow but now stand in the sea of grief. The holidays can be harsh for those missing loved ones. It is soon to be the […]

9/11 d day of reverence and remembrance

Nana’s Girl Safe in Nana’s Hat… After the terror of 9/11 NEW YORK Flight 11 Flight 175 Sure would like to see this Memorial SOMEDAY Its design, Its meaning, Its everything is outstanding. THE PENTAGON MEMORIAL Flight 77 10:06 AM Flight 93 SHANKSVILLE PA [an angel for each crew and passenger] 10 Million short […]