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The real "Senior Prom" in Pulaski VA

/Dot (volunteer *yes with now blue streak in hair) and Angie Loy, Director of Activities at Pulaski Health and Rehab Center Pulaski, Virginia There are some things just too good not to let the world know about. This is one of those things… the only thing missing will be photographs of all who were in […]

Landon Korabek One Love Jamfest May 10 BE THERE!

  On May 10, 2014 the Annual Landon Korabek OneLove JamFest will once again take place at in Palm Harbor FL. It will be held at The Thirsty Marlin; a favorite of many in the area; and the place will be filled with folks wearing this years’ T-Shirts (order yours) and join us in spirit, […]

It DOES take a village or Community to CARE…

Just one person, one light, can be so powerful… as they extend that light to another and the results can extend to light so many in the darkest of nights or times, as that match or light is used in communities and hearts with such intensity and brightness. YOUR LIGHT, your brightness, your light within… […]

Wave your fingerS at your Neighbors Day

Oh yea, February 7th, is “Wave your fingers at your Neighbors Day”… Notice it’s fingerS, not “finger”, a day for friendliness, a day to wave and hopefully say “hello Neighbor”. Oh what a day! Just get out there and wave yourself silly as you greet those neighbors and folks on the streets with a friendly […]

Sandy Hook Elementary School and Community We are With YOU

If there are any words of comfort, it may be in the real understanding that there is no understanding of how this could happen to beautiful children and loving educators on a day in a school on our soils in our country. If there is any real truth in reaching out to those there, it […]