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GET your Sunday Strut ON…

Summertime, Summertime… on a fine Sunday where you can decide no matter your circumstance, no matter you situation, you get to call it… How you walk, run, or “strut” into it. Time to get to strutting into it, with your attitude of great gratitude, of thankfulness as you take each breath, as you are the […]

I wish you laughter today

Happy Sunday to you all. For those Dad’s out there who are being celebrated I wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day! and with that, for those Mom’s who are doin’ it all I wish you the same…  I hope for you laughter, a smile that lights up the day and reflects in all that you […]


Blessings to all today as families friends gather both near and far and children find that that Easter Bunny has been there leaving a basket of goodies and wonder the sounds now will be heard on the winds all around.   Although I have heard that the news that cold weather is still holding on […]

To Dance is To Pray,

I hope you dance… To live is to dance, to dance is to pray, today I hope you find the courage to dance in your best way, your own way, as you move through your day following the beat of your heart. The fire is burning, the embers are hot. May this day find you […]

Take Care of YOU, Sunday’s blessings!

Happy Sunday to all across the land and sea, as the LIGHT is returning to us! It’s officially winter as part of our USA is seeing the winter weather in ice/snow/sleet bring in Christmas, while we here are dancing on the beach getting ready for the magic of the paper wrapping, the twinkle of the […]

Holiday Hope for Sunday

From great anticipation to “ohhh no”, It’s getting close… the hustle is hustling now, the bustle is bustling now, the jingle bells are ringing the excitement is in the air. Soon very soon it will be Christmas! As we approach the holidays once again the weather is coming in with a “brr” for so many […]

Newtown CT, Sandy Hook Elementry School: Honoring

Words from Newtown’s leaders:  “The best way to honor what happened to the youngsters and loved ones who lost their lives here on December 14, is to take care of someone in your own community,”   First Selectman Mrs Llodra replied. “The concept of paying it forward is real. It has the power and potential to […]

Sometimes … somedays…

Sometimes, somedays it just takes a lot of hands… a lot of feet to move things. If not in real time, in your mind, your spirit, your visualizations. With that many hands you can move a mountain or those obstacles that may “pop up” in a day, a moment, a thought. Imagery is a great […]

Pepples in my pocket, sand on my feet

There comes a time when we need to embrace the now, the realization that sometimes it is the pebbles in our pockets, the sand on our feet that nurtures our very being. That being said as the cold months are finding their way to us; the devastation of tornadoes that have left many in shock […]

Passion, Play and Prayers going up on this day!

Wishing you all a day passion filled, motivation fueled, laughter that surrounds you with the volume high. May you find each beat of your heart rejuvenating as you dance, or tap your feet to the beat of all that is within you. May you play in any way you can as you move through your […]