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Happy Independence Day Land of the Free because of the Brave

It’s INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! God Bless America and all who stand on her soil as we celebrate this day and all it stands for … Let the celebrations begin as folks gather, the grills get fired up, and the joyous noise begins! Thank you to those who have served, are serving to protect our very freedoms […]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all!

Wishing everyone a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving! May the blessings surround you, the feelings of gratitude begin your holiday season while carrying you into the new year. May you feel the attitude of gratitude with each step you take! It’s the day of thanks. On to the Parade… I hope you are smelling great smells […]

Down The Hallway, I’m filled with gratitude

The day before Thanksgiving… I am thankful today, I am thankful each moment for life; my life with each breath. As I started the day with coffee, sitting here listening to the wind and noticing the change of temperature, I opened emails. I was just filled with gratitude when I realized I had an email […]

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving!

Here we are the week of Thanksgiving! Gratitude all around as folks are now doing the ‘turkey trot’ running here there and everywhere as grocery stores fill up, the drawers get looked through for the just perfect recipe! Still others are combing through the internet as they make plans to launch into the stores for […]

Gratitude : prayers going strong

Filled with great gratitude; the fire is lit, the sage is in the air. Color me grateful for my life, for the good I can do, the gifts of others that I have been given by their actions and words. May you find peace today. Blessings to all who gather; Prayers going UP: DLB, Dot/COB/Mom, […]

Memorial Weekend prayers goin UP

 ROLLING THUNDER thunder rolls into the Nations Capital to honor remember, respect for those who can’t Memorial Week-end as grills and boats and hikes are getting under way around the country; thousands and thousands are gathering in Washington D.C. to remember the fallen, the brave; the men and women who laid it all down for […]


Say Thanks for thing in the morning and all during your day… So much and so many to be thankful for ~ Let us remember to be grateful for the simple everyday gifts we receive. The gift of a smile, a friend sitting with with us over a cup of coffee, the devotion of a […]

Goodness Gracious Great Gratitude

SUper Saturday to everyone and every living thing! Oh how I wish for you a spectacular day today… and thought I would just plant some beauty for your eyes and a thought: There are only 122 days, 11 hours remaining till Spring, our  First Day Of Spring!  Now doesn’t that just bring warmth to you […]

Gratitude to all who gather here

There will always be views, angles, ideas and thoughts by many. Interesting to watch and see all that is available to us, to notice that we are being watched as much as we watch, and see all that is within our focus and view. To express gratitude for our days and time and meals, our […]

Reader Appreciation Award

I have been presented the The Reader Appreciation Award! by danLrene Her blog is an inspiring blog of the struggles and triumphs of someone dealing with chronic pain and chronic health issues. I hope you will go and read and like her blog. I am touched by this award as I have been by all […]