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GET your Sunday Strut ON…

Summertime, Summertime… on a fine Sunday where you can decide no matter your circumstance, no matter you situation, you get to call it… How you walk, run, or “strut” into it. Time to get to strutting into it, with your attitude of great gratitude, of thankfulness as you take each breath, as you are the […]

Behind the curtain, a legend or reality

Statue of Changing Woman in Sedona     I remember a legend told to me so long ago. One that filled my heart, walked through my mind while connecting my soul within the sacred hoop of healing ways. May it find its way to you… and somehow feel right today… Particularly after a conversation I […]

A child spoke: grief wisdom and so much more

Daddy Don’t Cry Those were the words that brought this man from a place deep away in thought as he kneeled in a garage, working on his motorcycle. He had gone out there for some quiet, he had gone out there to work on his Harley and found himself polishing the chrome, lost in his […]

Take Care of YOU, Sunday’s blessings!

Happy Sunday to all across the land and sea, as the LIGHT is returning to us! It’s officially winter as part of our USA is seeing the winter weather in ice/snow/sleet bring in Christmas, while we here are dancing on the beach getting ready for the magic of the paper wrapping, the twinkle of the […]

Music,Tinsel Grief Hope Holidays

“The connections that we discover sometimes defy logic. Logic however, is based primarily on linear human laws. In the matter of the divine, logical and linear thinking does not apply.” Dave Roberts I had a conversation this morning with a kind, gentle man; the father of Jeannine… “gone too soon”. He filled my heart once again […]

Nelson Mandela ~ The World has been touched

A great man walked on into the next place yesterday… people in South Africa could be seen gathering in front of his home as the word spread of his transition; the dancing and singing was heard around the world. His life remembered on television as we all remembered his remarkable life. His imprint on the […]

Tune IN Tune UP Today to LIFE

It’s “tune UP Time Thursday”! We’ve all heard the old saying, if you keep your car tuned up, oil changed it will keep you on the road. Sounds simple right? Many seem to think that they only need to put gas in the car and it will run forever, forgetting those simple and needed tasks […]

May you have a day of beauty, prayers going UP

As the prayer bowl is fired up with hope of kindness to walk on our soils, hope to fill our hearts as we leave our mark with each word that echoes within and around this precious life we know. May we cherish the sunrise, the moments shared until finding our breath taken by the sunset […]

Sage Lesson through the Music: Let it Go

IF you can’t change things, figure out a way to “just let it go”today’s message… through the music video by Thanks to Zac Brown, here ya go… sear it into that brilliant brain of yours! “You’re not the only ship out on the ocean… save your strength for things that you can change… forget the […]

First things first….

May the wonder of your world take you by surprise with each magical breath… as you rise and shine on this remarkable day filled with all the beauty your heart can hold. First things first; Blessings to sustain, to feed your soul, to rest your weariness and to provide food for your body mind spirit. […]