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Baby Gator of Lake Tarpon     Sure is good to see the sun after the Thunder Beings and cleansing rains of last evening!   Just a thought:   Sometimes even the most powerful of words seem lost in the pictures and actions of others don’t they?   I think of some of the great […]


Blessings to all today as families friends gather both near and far and children find that that Easter Bunny has been there leaving a basket of goodies and wonder the sounds now will be heard on the winds all around.   Although I have heard that the news that cold weather is still holding on […]

Adversity, Challenge, Opportunity

Adversity, Challenge or Opportunity? When I hear someone say or assume they have no power over their own life, when someone says that life is too hard. I think, hard? As compared to what? When I hear of someone walking away when they should have stayed, I wonder… who’s needs are being met… So life […]

Take some chances being amazed

BE AMAZED AT THE WORLD! It is rather amazing when you look around. Great Expectations, Great Disappointments. No Expectations, No Disappointments. But how sad and self limiting to face this destiny….. To expect so little that we can never realize any disappointment in our lives. I would rather fall flat on my face  weeping and […]

if the Shoe Fits…

Life is like shoes, some fit, some don’t… Patti Labelle is known for her stage presence, her passion, her pipes… she is also known to take those shoes and throw them off on stage! Why? Not cos’ she doesn’t like them, not cos’ she doesn’t look good in them. BUT, because her darn feet hurt […]

Do The Right Things…

  “Always do right, This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”Mark Twain Be the beauty you want to see…. We must not fall in to the habit of taking the path of least resistance. We must always do the right thing. Because it is the right choice for our lives. The fact is […]

Snow, Snow, did I mention Cold weather?

Winter, snow, cold weather… one thing we can say is this: “Enough already”! Snow, snow and now more snow making its way across the south, up the East coast with freezing rains, traffic that is treacherous as record snowfalls are being recorded all across the lands.  I’m not quite sure how some are doing it, […]

Winter’s chill, maybe it has gotten into peoples hearts.

The colds of January have folks digging out, bundling up, wishing for spring to arrive! Winter in all its splendor, in all its headaches, aches, pains and problems is taking a toll across the lands. Some are having the best of times, as Canadians and those in Wounded Knee laugh at the new words “Polar […]

Florida Theater Shooting, NM School Shooting… News

Today the news is still ablaze with updates, with the sorrow, with the reality that has once again served notice to every individual walking this earth that life is indeed scary… As we walk through our day, many are finding themselves outraged once again to think that a man walked into a matinee theater here […]

The Four Agreements

New year, new time to remember the 4 Agreements as you move into the year with grace, with respect for the Ancestors, with respect for all living things. The 4 Agreements that can be made with yourself, with others in ways to heighten your best life, your best steps, one step at at time while […]