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Hello Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice June 21, 2014,  the longest day of the year! Hello the official first day of summertime, and the celebrations will begin for so many as we welcome it in. I cannot imagine but some are already complaining about the heat of summer, when it seems like yesterday all we heard was “bring on […]


It was more than… this year’s Annual Jamfest remembering Landon. This was on the back of the shirts worn by Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek. The anticipation, the work that was involved by the “committee” was once again amazing… The Thirsty Marlin and their staff were ready for a day unlike any other day… and […]

McAlester OK State Prision; and Big MAC OK

    Oh once again I had a remarkable reception and great time in Choctaw Nation! This time with the Pittsburgh Co. Child Abuse Task Force hosting a conference for those who work with children and adults all over the place, in the darkest of times, that hardest of situations and seeing the worst of […]


Baby Gator of Lake Tarpon     Sure is good to see the sun after the Thunder Beings and cleansing rains of last evening!   Just a thought:   Sometimes even the most powerful of words seem lost in the pictures and actions of others don’t they?   I think of some of the great […]

if the Shoe Fits…

Life is like shoes, some fit, some don’t… Patti Labelle is known for her stage presence, her passion, her pipes… she is also known to take those shoes and throw them off on stage! Why? Not cos’ she doesn’t like them, not cos’ she doesn’t look good in them. BUT, because her darn feet hurt […]

The sights, sounds, the view, home again …

As the fog burned off Miami the ship set out into the blue waters… the energy could be felt as folks found their way down long halls, to the pools and hot tubs. The ship was alive, the smells and wonder of ‘where do we go next’ could be seen on faces… the smells filled […]

Mom is celebrating another Birthday Today… go figure!

My Mom… Today she is 29 (again) She is the one on the right!   My Mom… Dorothy Eller Sowers, yep… that’s her! Happy Birthday Mom… oh yes, and that is her imaginary friend with her! Tonight I plan to celebrate her well, as I attend Willie Nelson’s concert here… I’ve let her know that […]

Are YOU… feeling the holiday spirit?

  Decorating to Christmas Music while the world is on the roads, going here there and everywhere! Are you feeling the Holiday spirit? Finding yourself caught up in the great movies and shows on t.v. now that pull you into the Hallmark moments of holidays?  Or are you among those who are frantically filling the […]

Pepples in my pocket, sand on my feet

There comes a time when we need to embrace the now, the realization that sometimes it is the pebbles in our pockets, the sand on our feet that nurtures our very being. That being said as the cold months are finding their way to us; the devastation of tornadoes that have left many in shock […]

Sauntering into Monday

One step at a time… It’s Monday, you can either dive into it, saunter into it, or just cruise along enjoying it. It’s your call! However you do it, it will be YOURS to own, to call yours with moments you see, things you do, words you speak. Feelings are often likened to the tides, […]