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GET your Sunday Strut ON…

Summertime, Summertime… on a fine Sunday where you can decide no matter your circumstance, no matter you situation, you get to call it… How you walk, run, or “strut” into it. Time to get to strutting into it, with your attitude of great gratitude, of thankfulness as you take each breath, as you are the […]

To Dance is To Pray,

I hope you dance… To live is to dance, to dance is to pray, today I hope you find the courage to dance in your best way, your own way, as you move through your day following the beat of your heart. The fire is burning, the embers are hot. May this day find you […]

The Four Agreements

New year, new time to remember the 4 Agreements as you move into the year with grace, with respect for the Ancestors, with respect for all living things. The 4 Agreements that can be made with yourself, with others in ways to heighten your best life, your best steps, one step at at time while […]

Take Care of YOU, Sunday’s blessings!

Happy Sunday to all across the land and sea, as the LIGHT is returning to us! It’s officially winter as part of our USA is seeing the winter weather in ice/snow/sleet bring in Christmas, while we here are dancing on the beach getting ready for the magic of the paper wrapping, the twinkle of the […]

Memorial Weekend prayers goin UP

 ROLLING THUNDER thunder rolls into the Nations Capital to honor remember, respect for those who can’t Memorial Week-end as grills and boats and hikes are getting under way around the country; thousands and thousands are gathering in Washington D.C. to remember the fallen, the brave; the men and women who laid it all down for […]

It’s Mothers Day! the day after The Landon Korabek Jamfest 2013

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY… to our Mother Earth and all those Mudders’ out there… here and in the Next place, we give thanks for them all… each in our own way…  Many blessings to each of you as you give those thanks and make joyous noise today….   DOT/MOM/COB How very appropriate I should find her lookin […]

The Prayer Bowl is lit… and I wish you enough

MAY 11, 2013 LANDON KORABEK 2013 THIRSTY MARLIN, PALM HARBOR I am honored to be kicking off this event with a few words as the day is filled with music and the community gathers to remember Landon, gone too soon with the annual jamfest of remembrance!  If you are local be there for this remarkable […]

God Bless America and her people

Flags are at half mast all over the Nation; in communities around the land, honoring the fallen of the tragedies once again that have devastated, shocked and traumatized our people. We have watched helplessly as so many were wheeled away, or placed on stretchers for aide after the unthinkable happened on a sunny day in […]

Just DO IT…

  Focus, practice, and the desire JUST DO IT  Kamryn let me know that he could just transfer that spinning basketball onto my finger, no problem and teach me how to do it! JUST DO IT Of course there is the part of learning how to hold your mouth just right, sometimes holding it at […]

Sunday’s Blessings around the fire

  Crisp Sunday as we see winter falling across the lands, the waters show the chill if you look  at it, and folks are bundled up. The fire is burning here, as we plan to fold down the edges of our bags this day, to seat the candles well for tomorrow evening and place them […]