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Happy Independence Day Land of the Free because of the Brave

It’s INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! God Bless America and all who stand on her soil as we celebrate this day and all it stands for … Let the celebrations begin as folks gather, the grills get fired up, and the joyous noise begins! Thank you to those who have served, are serving to protect our very freedoms […]

Happy Memorial Day

A long weekend, many are firing up the bbq’s across the Nation, many are now hitting the roads to return to their homes after time with loved ones, time at the mountains or the beaches across the lands.  Millions have spent this weekend at wreath laying ceremonies in Washington D.C., standing on the sidewalks watching […]

We Remember the Fallen, Memorial Day

WITH AMAZING GRACE WE REMEMBER THE FALLEN … I love and have always respected ROLLING THUNDER along with those who are willing to sign a blank check for our country. “Some gave all, all give some”.   Hundreds of thousands have rolled in for this weekend of remembering; of honoring the fallen. ROLLING THUNDER we […]

SUICIDE: A national Epidemic

The statistics are staggering. The reality is in the words and reality pictured above. Keeping it Real, and it is real and happens more than anyone wants to deal with, to hear about, to contemplate and to think could happen in their lives, to their family member, friend, community. Our kids, our teenagers, adults, Elders, […]

Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Little and Big

We all are together under the lights of oneness we all are the sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of the Creator, the Universal Connection of ONE. We all will join around the world on Dec 9th to light our candles for all the children, of all ages, who have died of all causes and hopefully […]