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Happy Independence Day Land of the Free because of the Brave

It’s INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! God Bless America and all who stand on her soil as we celebrate this day and all it stands for … Let the celebrations begin as folks gather, the grills get fired up, and the joyous noise begins! Thank you to those who have served, are serving to protect our very freedoms […]

The real "Senior Prom" in Pulaski VA

/Dot (volunteer *yes with now blue streak in hair) and Angie Loy, Director of Activities at Pulaski Health and Rehab Center Pulaski, Virginia There are some things just too good not to let the world know about. This is one of those things… the only thing missing will be photographs of all who were in […]

More on MS Awareness:

video by   Happy Saturday everyone and everything: Here’s to your health, your best lives and to just everything being as bright as it can be as we raise awareness on MS during a month where many are letting their creative sides get on a roll to raise money for the CURE… Perhaps you too […]

Success. How’s That Working For Ya?

Success! How do you define it? Do you feel successful? Success is what you  make it! Just keepin it Real Dr. Sherry

Kamryn in the Bubble in Santa Barbara Fiesta Days!

video by Gotta love to laugh! As I watched Kamryn get zipped up and the hose inflate that bubble I stood in awe of what would become one of the funniest things I ever watched! He had another “first” as we stood and laughed ourselves silly … And oh what fun he had, rolling, trying […]

Adversity and Challenges-Empowering Yourself

Life is full of Adversity and challenges. Are you empowering yourself? Just keepin it real. Dr. Sherry

Are You Using Your Voice Like You Should?

We all have a voice. Some only whisper. Some never use theirs. Are you using your voice to stand up for what is right? Just keepin it real folks. Dr. Sherry