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Book Drawing For “Healing Heartaches: Stories of Loss and Life” Book

Just a reminder of the book giveaway when I reach 101 Followers.  We are moving on up. Bring your friends and family.

The book is my book Healing Heartaches: Stories of Loss and Life that I wrote in 2009. I will personally autograph the book to the winner. All of the followers will be put in a hat and drawn out so that everyone has a chance.

I wanted to share a review that someone wrote of my book so that you might feel the connection a little closer.

Healing Heartaches”  is like that old pair of jeans that you love so much. It is comforting and easy to read. It has become my constant companion and a book I keep close to my bed for I have read it already about five times. It will make you laugh, cry, sigh and nod your head with agreement. I recommend this book to everyone for loss is not just losing a loved one. It is losing home, job, friends, expectations. Loss is loss and Dr. Showalter shows in such a unique and caring way how loss, though part of life, need not keep us down but instead help us to step up in life and move on with love and laughter.”


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