>Just a Thought


back in the days when he had
little feet
and loved to wear hats!
Happy Thursday friends,
hope this day is filled with
that just
makes you get your “grin on”!
We had a great light and sound show here last night with the Thunder and Lightning beings
washing it all clean; my kinda rain.
The kind that comes after you are tucked in for the night with no place to go
and gone by the time you wake up
with the grass shining and everything looking like it had a lovely bath!
A day of promise
the flowers smiling
at the
I’m sitting with my coffee
and I was thinking about all the news
that was on so decided to just turn off
the television
turn on some good music.
I’m thinking
what if we had a
24 hour
“good news only”
CNN, local news broadcastings along with
newspapers and those rag magazines with those people that follow
others like Marie Shriver.
Sort of a
respite from what we are exposed to
then we could pay it forward on a local
and global level
only talking about the blessings or the best in ourselves and others?
I’m not talking here about
“fanstasy land” or just surface stuff;
I’m talking about
a social movemement
one of accentuating the positive,
holding up self and others in the process!
I think this thought might have tipped the scale when I saw Shriver ask with such ernest plea of that guy and the camera,
“would u please turn off your camera and let me have time with my daughter”
and his smug reply as the tape kept running.
maybe it was
Arnold’s mistress coming forward with her money tell all and her statement that
“I confessed to Marie, and she told me to get off off of her knees”
that really sent me off with this thought.
Maybe Marie Shriver told this woman
to get off her knees on the floor
and stand up
so that she could then just slap her silly?
maybe it is the hearing of the new
now for sale that had so many hits that it crashed the network offering it for sale!
One is available “anatomically correct”?
Are you kidding me?
The doll looks nothing like Weiner
and I wonder
who got close enough to this disgusting human form called a man who represents Government to check on the correctness of his anatomy
who would want a plastic version of him or his anatomy
he has “one” and why?
What is happening here?
A man walking in NY representing the USA
with a mentality of a teenager exposing himself
now we are seeing dolls made of plastic with his name on them
people are buying them?
Meantime no one has arrested him for his exposure to a 17 year old
demanded he not
“represent” our government, our flag, our
it is on the news???
Perhaps the anatomically correct part
of this doll
is that it has
C’mon now
what is happening here,
OK this is the face of
here’s the good news:
I woke up this morning
for that I am very very grateful.
I am so very blessed.
MORE good news,
here comes the sun…
the redbird just lit in the nearby tree and sang me her hello
all is well in the world
cos’ it is “my world” right here right now.
Bet no one wants to broadcast that on the news, but if Oprah was sitting here talking about
Healing Heartaches, I betcha the t.v. truck would be outside the door!
better go check!
no Oprah, no t.v. truck, no press!
So then
for today, this week
I am on a media black out
I have decided that if it doesn’t make me smile
then it is not worthy of my time.
If it doesn’t add to my life in some way and/or
entertain me
I am not going to watch, listen, or read it.
I am going to use my energy to send to others
beginning with me
and then the light will be brighter
for a day
of healing, of wonderment, of laughter
good things for those out there
and hope that someone
will hear the music
then want to dance.
Maybe hotdogs on the grill,
a sunset to take your breath away.
Or just thoughts of
beautiful Mustangs of yesterday
and laughing when
Kelly TwoWolves comments last night here
about them
“pocket ponies”
and their delight of having the rearends scratched!
Whatever you are doing today
I hope you will find the energy
to reach out a bit further
and let those u love
that you love them
STretch just to let your body know you can
however much you can.
The sage is fired up and thoughts are on the wind.
Walk in Beauty

6 comments on “>Just a Thought

  1. >helloooooo.I am with you on the media blackout, total waste of precious time and energy. No wonder we have such social deviants and problems in our world with the nonsense that makes news. Where are the ethics of the media folk hiding these days ? I am closing out my day with my favorite blog..and a fantastic day it was, I might add.Love the warmth of the sun on my face, the warmth of my friend's smile and compassionate words.. love the warmth I am feeling in my heart, in my own realm of what is real and important to me.. last night's storm was awesome to see and feel.. lightening filled the sky with the brightness of the sun.. and then there was such a calm and peaceful silence..would like to wish "sweet dreams" to all,may the dolphins and the angels dance in your dreams and your heart.. STOMP..♥ ♥ ♥ sign me. yep, hugging my angels..gratefully… A.

  2. >I have been avioding the news for years. I'm happy in my own little world and do not want the fantasy disturbed by reality. Especially bad news, wars and famine, disasters, accidents and actuality. Have substituted reality TV and newspapers with Music, Music, Music!!!! I've got MUSIC! STOMP with me!Thanks doc for sharing your thoughts.

  3. >Funny lookin baby there doc. I'm right there with ya on the Wiener Jerk. Useless piece of pervert that he is. Right where he belongs, with all the other butt holes in Congress, but don't get me started. Hate um all. Media Blackout here I come! See ya there.

  4. >Very good words of wisdome to live by – thank you so much. I love those good thunder storms that wash the earth of the dirt and grime and refreshes everything it touches. The pictures of Kamryn are very cute! wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Thursday – Sandy♥

  5. >Good morning, what a beautiful child you have there, where is he and who is he? He looks so special and full of himself no doubt. Your words of wisdom, turning off the tube, listening to music and hearing the rain, thunder and the lighting. I love to look at the storms and wonder if I could go with the storm and just walk until I feel the relaxing feeling that comes over you when you walk in the rain. Special day to all. Sandy and Stu hang in there, all will be well. Happy day to all.

  6. >Good Thursday A.M. to all. I wish I could go on the media black-out, but am glued to the Anthony Trial…….. since day # 1 in 2008.The rain and light show last eve was spectacular. Actually walked outside to watch it. Can I have a hot dog( Weiner ), Sherry ? LOL. Making it count over here, I remainFIRM and screaming ICE !

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