NorEasters, Folks with the sads, Spring All Around

Snow hit up North on the East Coast, being sent this way from out west I’m told; and Rain and even hail in Florida, with the wind affecting folks and their moods, flights being delayed to the North on the East coast and folks with the sads and the mads, and the miseries;
and George Zimmerman now out of jail after asking the police to give him protection on the departments dime is now free and somewhere with a gps on his ankle;
things are happening all over the place.
Here in Florida today it feels like fall as the sun is wanting to shine and the wind is talking through the trees trying hard to be heard, its refrain of,
“why aren’t people living in the present, and still seeing the beauty that the Creator has given to them?”
Three beautiful hibisicus greeted me today, their color outstanding
and their determination brilliant!
Reminding me of all that is still radiant in the world, in each heart and mind of people who are the pilot of their own plane out there.
In times of great storms, of great chaos, we each have the ability to see the glass as half full, half empty, or to ignore it all together,
or to be the opportunist and drink it up with gusto!
Ah the choices that the Creator gives us, the gift that was given when we opened our eyes this very morning!
If you are reading this;
you were given this day!
The clock or light did not wake you;
you did not wake you;
The Creator gave you this day!
It is your day;
one filled with choices of how you will do, be, affect or infect yourself with wonder, with love, with regret, with impact on another.
Will you dwell on negatives, spread negatives?
Will you generate beauty, see beauty, be beauty?
Will you make a decision today that will guide you into a world of unconditional love for self and others?
There are times when it is very true that
“talk is cheap”
probably the only thing cheap these days actually when you think about it!
As I have thought and written so much of the memories that Dick Clark stirred up for me, and so many who read this blog, and my thoughts;
I can’t help but remember how the music serves as a natural healer, a message throughout the ages for those with courage enough to hear the words, the beat, the true meaning behind the songs.
Songs that have and will live on forever in time, and can feed the soul and nourish the spirit if we but open our hearts.
In a time where our energy feeds others, and is fed by others it is so easy to get swept up in the negatives, the worry, the very things that are beyond our own control…
Music reminds us of that, through song, and speaks to the spirit.
It opens hearts where others often cant’ while lowering our resistance to change, to hearing what the ego resists at times.
It frees our minds, our spirits, and calls us to our higher selves while releasing our pain, if we allow it to.
One canot dwell in the past and be alive in the present; just as one cannot be consumed with worry for the future and still be available to self and others right here and right now.
We all love the idea of being able to have “control”, yet there is little we can really and truly control after we settle in to the facts at hand; The Creators greatest gift given is “free will” to an individual.
Those who have chronic illness, disease, life limiting or life threatening diseases and those in grief; feel a tremendous sense of no control.
Parents and grandparents who see those kids grow and have minds of their own, after teaching them to fly, have terrible times of watching as they feel a loss of control over actions, mouths, choices
that they feel they have no control over.
Yet, we see and forget we were once them!
Life is a beautiful and fragile gift, yet so many forget to stay in the present, to love without borders, without judgment, without taking the time in the snow/rain/hail
to remember it is the spring of our lives
and to look for the crocus blooming in the snow,
to recognize the beauty of the grasses after the rain; to see the ocean or mountain tops and their wonder while looking for the rainbow while listening to music that will fill us up when in the moment of sadness or self inflicted misery.
We get caught up in judgment or regret when it would serve us better to be wrapped up in amazing grace for what is, what we have and what is ours right here and right now; knowing that things change in a hot minute for so many and it could be us, and life could change so quickly to never again be what it is …
Life in all its complexities
and yet Life in all its wonder
and beauty.
Are you finding beauty today?
Not just talking, but really digging deep within to look at what YOU are doing … what YOU are holding, feeling, thinking, how you are impacting your life, your dreams, others.
Is it time to take an inventory, to do some spring cleaning from within??
To be absolutely thrilled when you find you are able to see with fresh eyes beauty and wonder when your eyes send the message to your brain of flowers like these and to make a conscious decision that worry, fear, and old tapes that do not serve you well should be discarded…
then you can begin with a
Thank you for this day
and turn up some music that allows you to Live Your Best Life,
one breath at a time.
Welcome to your life!
Now go on and
“do the things you do”
with greatness and LOVE for you and all that you love…
video by
Walk in Beauty

7 comments on “NorEasters, Folks with the sads, Spring All Around

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  2. what an uplifting and kick ass post. If we were in the sads..we shouldn’t be after that. 🙂 Life is too short to carry too much baggage around instead of looking with wonder and awe at all the good around us. hugs my friend.

  3. […] NorEasters, Folks with the sads, Spring All Around (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  4. Great blog for a snowy, windy day. Well I have seen snow come down in April much harder than today. Do I want snow and wind? NO, I want some sunshine maybe it will make me smile more when the sun is shining and the world is going around and around. Good day today with the wind and snow. Got some things done that needed to be repair and got apology from one who worried me and had be stirred up worrying for one you love. Things look and sound brighter when one can step up to the plate and apologize for creating concern and worry. I will survive, and thrive. Video good and had a lot of good messages for all. Keep on Keeping it real. Nite, nite to all. Irene dont burn your buns too much.

  5. Response to all your uplifting comments and suggestions, regarding the MOOD, outlook and "get outta the funk" music therapy: Yes, yes yes yes and yesIt's Monday and I am trying to change it up. Smiles to everyone here and there…… FIRM

  6. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the uplifting words and message today. I am praying you have the best day and it warms up for you and the winds die down some. It is chilly here and very windy – like a fall day. Just a short note today, busy Monday morning at work. Soooo, wishing all of those who stop by here today a very Happy Monday and a day filled with smiles, sunshine and encouregement while you are counting your Blessings. /Sandy♥

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