Fly those Flags America

Ali‘s “Pop” died this morning secondary to Cancer; a Veteran, now joins The Creators Troops, I’m certain he was met by Veterans he knew and some he didn’t before this morning. Now pain free, a body restored and standing strong. Thank you sir, for your years of service, your life and your beautiful daughter who stood, who took such good care of you through this last chapter of your life. We are with you Ali, your sons. That dad of yours picked his time, today was his day; so that he would not leave this world on Independence day the day of your little son’s birthday! but for him; today is his Independence Day; a Veteran now home with his God, with others who served and now free. Job well done daughter, job well done Sir, Thank you for your service and your time here on this earth!
I love to see flags flying around our streets and in front of our homes and lands.
Each time I drive up and down the roads I try and take a shot of flags that just somehow take my breath away,
and the one that flys
at Ferman Nissan in New Port Richey
always just gets me.
It is just huge and on a day with some wind it seems to really catch me all over again as it dances against the skies.
During Tropical Storm Debby I was amazed at the number of flags that were destroyed and how quickly they were attended to here; even in such wind folks took care of their flags by taking them down and replacing them with new ones right after the storms wrath.
Now we are seeing more flags in front of homes as we are but a day away
from Independence day
JULY 4, 2012.
As areas continue to clean up after Debby’s wrath, as Southwest VA and up through Northern VA continues to be without power and threats of more storms and record heat sweeps the east while those raging fires threaten and devastate Colorado and the west.
Yet during all these things people are still planning gatherings for the 
4th of July;
places under fire warnings still planning to go full steam with a fireworks display
bbq’s are being tended to, groceries are being bought and people are now on the roads with gas prices being under $3.00 a gallon to enjoy each other
and celebrate the 4th of July.
We will fill coolers, jump in lakes and pools, eat burgers, ribs and fries
while toasting with a cold one
on this year while firing off those noise makers in what is perhaps the most landmark year of history making to date.
Many will be sweet, go unnoticed and be timid in their comings and goings,
and try not to be seen;
they will approach things and others with great caution!
 They will do no harm, or just watch it all happen or just bet their noses wet and not weigh in or create ripples!
Others will create great distress by just the look of them,
they will lie in wait, and weigh in and have a snap in a hot second. They can  be ugly and need no provocation…
 It is good to be mindful when dealing with all as we know that the Creator has a lot of different Creations out there and on the 4th you are bound to run into varying ones who are not always in their right minds.
Well who are we kidding here,
this happens each day of the week right?
We must remember though
we are free because of the brave;
some gave all, all gave more than most would ever sign up for.
We are blessed to live in a country where we are free;
even in times of great struggle, great debates, great times of challenge.
Times where now we here all the opinions, arguments, ugliness and thoughts of so many who freely render their thoughts and throw their unrelenting and often hurtful comments at each other on social media sights and in person to others.
All happening while men, women, service animals are sweltering in heat of 120 degrees, carrying 70+ pounds on their backs in sands, while looking all the time for enemies and even sweet innocent children to kill them in a heart beat or render them wounded and back at home to then be cared for in systems that are broken and unprepared for their internal torment.
We must think broader in our celebration of tomorrow to include them as we raise our forks to our mouths and our glass to our lips
with a thank you and a prayer for their safe return
along with a prayer for those who have returned in thanks and prayer for their healing.
Flags flying?
Gratitude on?
Attitude on?
Spirit of warriors ready to fly
on this July 4th;
thank you to all
who have served and our serving
what I will always call our
in good times and times of great struggle.
This is our country.
If you do not like it;
I’m sure there are other places that all the airlines go to; perhaps consulting Lmbaugh is a good idea, rumor has it, he is leaving.
Have the best day you can remember!
Walk in BEauty

Enjoy a Happy 4th of July, The United States o...

Enjoy a Happy 4th of July, The United States of America – Independence Day – on my way to Kalachakra in Washington DC with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, King of Liberty, Sarvamangalam! Head of Liberty, Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington, USA (Photo credit: Wonderlane)


6 comments on “Fly those Flags America

  1. Happy 4th. of July, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yes, Nissan has the most beautiful flags of all. Our local Nissan has a wonderful flag just like yours. It makes your heart beat a little faster just seeing the flag and knowing what it stands for. Merle Haggard and Ray Charles says it all in your video. We need to keep our prayers going for the soldiers and their families who are protecting us every day and every night. We need to think of them while we are sleeping in our cozy beds with the conditions they are living thru. Thank them and shake their hands every one you see. I am going to be off today and help my niece at the Pulaski, Va. re-hab center for a great party for the residents and their families. Kamryn is helping this morning and I will go later. He informed me to dress up crazy like I always do. I ask what he had on and he said my shirt is made in the USA, thats our boy. Hope Irene is back and she is well, prayers go out to all who are troubled and needing someone to help them. Prayers to Dr. SES for her words of wisdom to all of us. Stay safe, remember our President and his family, stay strong in your family life and always remember, GOD BLESS USA

  2. Freedom….taken for granted by many even when they are using every one of those freedoms we have. Sometimes I wish they would use the freedom of silence or the freedom to think before they speak. LOL.
    God bless our men and women who fight so hard for these freedoms that many take for granted. Special thanks to them all and I pray they know that so many of us DO appreciate their sacrifices…the lives lost, the limbs lost, the traumas to their hearts and minds and I pray for many special things to touch their lives for all they gave.
    hugs my friend

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends – I hope all is well and your morning is good. Sweet Ali, I am so sorry for the news today. Please be assured that my prayers and thought are for you and your family. I pray you will have comfort knowing what a loving and caring daughter you were to your Dad through such a time as this. Also knowing what a hero your Dad is for his military Service for his country. He is now at perfect peace and free from pain and forever in your heart. What a rejoicing time he is having seeing all his old friends and family over there. Ali, take care of yourself and know that so many are caring and lifting you up.
    Yes, Dr. Sherry, I love seeing those Grand Old Flags waving for our freedom and the reminder of why we celebrate freedom in such a grand country. As we enjoy our holiday I hope that we will stop and give thanks for all that we have because of a strong military heros both here and gone and that we are ever thankful. Prayers that God Will Continue to Bless Amaerica and that our flag will always stand tall, proud and beautiful for our freedom. Wishing each of you a very happy day and as you count your blessings remember to give thanks for all we have. Be safe if you are traveling and enjoy your holiday time.
    Sending Happy Birthday wishes for Irene celebrating yesterday. I hope it was a special time.

  4. hellooooooo oo.
    Thank you for words so uplifting and true..
    The significance of this holiday, Independence Day , has many
    heartfelt meanings.. I also salute the troops of today as well as the
    many troops who have served and sacrificed their lives for our great USA.
    I love celebrating this holiday.. beach, bbq, fireworks and most of all the
    moving patriotic music playing as the Flag waves in the gentle summer breezes..
    The voices of all who proundly join in while standing, hand on heart, saluting
    our great USA and belt out ” God Bless America”…
    In our trying times, as in the same trying times in history, we should be
    proud and UNITED by the love and gratitude we all share.
    And of course, there will be the senseless mishaps of drunk driving
    accidents, family discord over meaningless “stuff” and there will be those
    protests held across the country by those with their agendas to damper the true spirit
    of this monumental holiday..
    I can only say this.. I am most PROUD to be an American citizen,
    I will fly my FLAG and salute.. and I will reflect and be thankful that I am
    blessed to be ALIVE and breathing …
    My heart goes out to Ali and her family, in the deep loss they feel with the
    timely passing of their beloved POPS.. and Doc, I think you may be right about
    POP choosing his time to set himself free of his ailments and pain..
    I salute you SIR, for the brave service you gave to our country.. and I will be saying
    prayers for the comfort and peace in Ali’s heart to beat strongly and with love
    and pride..
    Have a most blessed holiday everyone !
    hugging my angels, ♥
    sign me, A.

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