Sun, Shine, Attitude ON

Oh yea,
Turn It UP
a day on the water with sun, shine, blue skies, clouds that just amaze and attitude ON… it just doesn’t get better than that!
The winged ones were just amazing with their grace, even when standing
or was it me and my looking through different eyes?
The water was spectacular
with my traditional “flip” from the bow to the delight of Laura and fellow boat family, egging me on to beware of any gators that might be waiting for me!
Funny they are at times as the music played and the laughter was magic to my ears.
ahhh, yes, attitude is everything
and beauty is around me
my brain emptied into the lake,
 The song had been in my head all week, since Storm Debby actually,
“gotta get away to where the boat leaves from”,
and Sunday was just that day!
 Family of choice, coolers, music, towels, attitudes on!
CHECK, double check,
on the boat, let go those ropes
and out of the canal with the birds looking on!
 The heat was on, the music was great,
the views were intense,
yet MS reared its ugly head on Laura yesterday, and she felt the heat, felt the effects of profound weakness yet it did not stop her, nor make her want to return to the shores of to home.
Instead we packed her in ice, sheltered her from the sun, and continued on for her to enjoy and relax knowing that she may have MS, but MS will never have her;
cos’ she has US.
 Floats are great for floating in the lake, but also make for great sun shields as Mitch found just the right music, and Laura was able to nap behind the shield of the float packed in ICE to restore and overcome the weakness from MS,
after a bit, she was ready to go again,
and we were right there getting enjoying our day with her as she rested on the water!
Being looked over and after by our trusting friend and protector…
 Oh I had chills when I looked up and saw our beloved Eagle striking that pose and was able to get that shot!
Later in the day, we all enjoyed the waters, the noodles we floated on;
of course I had the wicked humor of Laura who would ask me 
“what are those bubbles behind you friend?”
Only to have me jump into her arms and noodle as she just laughed herself silly,
me thinking a gator was having a bubble blowing party, she thinking she was very funny in the process!
Ah, but good times, good friends, magic moments where nothing, no one will disturb nor disrupt happiness, nor memories being created.
MS cannot stop a person or people who gather in the motion of a day;
heartaches that are shared are halved;
warriors stand strong together
and stand in the light of amazing grace
in good times, scary times and bad times
through the sun, rain, wind and storm,
knowing that all shall pass.
We considered pulling anchor more than once, and from behind the float we hear a voice saying;
“whoever pulls that anchor is going overboard”.
Well, that stopped me from moving along with anyone else as the Laura had spoken!
A moment of thinking we were goin to take care of our warrior passed in knowing that a day on the boat beat a day anywhere else no matter what.
 The most important lens to look through at times is the one that fills you with beauty, and the one that allows you to “be” rather than “do”.

video by
And those times you just gotta get away to where the boat leaves from,
and just enjoy each view, each moment and each breath!
Watch out for bubbles as you do flips from the boat, as you ride the noodle pretending it is a dolphin
sing your song! 
Lift me UP!
So happy this gator wasn’t in the middle of the lake… 
My pal Andrea and Dot/Mom/Cob
might not want to swim with us when they see this one!
 Oh my
and then we went to eat and lookie who was at the dock, I expected him to be wearing my expensive sun shades that were lost there a few years ago, and I did ask if he had seen them…
But there was no definitive answer, yet he did shake his head a few times!
 Yep, I think he has my designer sunglasses but I’ll just let him keep em I’m thinkin!
There is a sign at the restaurant telling folks:
“It is illegal to molest the alligators”
 The face of a Warrior, and one of true passion, honor and integrity, my family. One who survived telling me of those bubbles and long things she saw, that were always behind me as I was on my noodle in the lake; bubbles, what are those bubbles behind YOU?
Funny girl she is!

A family of warriors!
It was an “outstanding day”
I sure hope yours was as well
as we approach 
July 4 2012
may you be the fireworks of your life
and burst with each step
into wonder!
Walk in Beauty

6 comments on “Sun, Shine, Attitude ON

  1. I loved this for it is people like you all who just take it as part of life having someone who has a debilitating illness and you just devise ways to make it easier instead of pushing them to the side during a special outing. That happens far more than it should because people are not willing to accommodate the needs of someone whose health is a little different than the norm. Bless you all Sherry….hugs my friend.

  2. hellooooooo
    well THAT was just the story I needed to hear..
    and I am truly laughing out loud as I here Laura’s voice
    “there’s bubbles behind you ”
    and you are soooo right that this girl would never ever even
    THINK for a hot second about swimming in those shark .. hmm.
    excuse me… gator infested waters !! ( at least in the gulf you have those
    dolphins close y for protection )
    Thanks for sharing your delightful day with us.. and thanks too for
    the important messages…

    Laura … YOU ROCK !!
    and Thanks Doc for all you do for so many…

    it was a pleasure to be here… hitting the bed for now..
    hugging my angels, ♥
    sign me, A.

  3. welp, happy birthin day FIRM, but i think i said that already to you on FB …

    hello to all on the the beginnings of the July 4 celebrations of sparkly ness….

    no toes in the lake?? surely that can't be true….

    let's go swimming… Osh, i'm not a fan of gators myself love, I just have great respect and ask they do the same… u stay there and I'll stay in the middle! haha

    blessings to all

  4. loved the blog, HATE the gator!!!


  5. Gators in lakes, would not catch me even puttin' a toe in, sorry, very scared to them things.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ! Still 50-something, yeah !
    Home, finally. Taking it all in today, blessings all around.
    Stars & stripes, fireworks, candles on cake. Pretty great.
    F I R M

  6. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Happy first Monday in July to you. Hope all is well and your day is good. Sure sounds like a grand day was had by all there on the lake. Not so sure about going in it though with those big teeth critters that can sneek up pretty quickly and quietly. I loved the beautiful pictures though. Wishing each of you a grand and peaceful Monday as you count your Blessings for today. /Sandy♥

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