From the Ashes

We can RISE UP
and be forever changed.
We can once again find strength with newness
and be more than we were before
with someone standing at the ready to offer help in understanding all that fire and devastation can do to a person in the moment of trying, dying, and witnessing.
From the heat, the anger, the moments of fire and change, we can find power, strength and HOPE
if we but are open to it.
Anger is that way at times, it can be a good thing; or it can rage like a wildfire out of control and devastate.
Anger like fire can burn it clean,
or can move to wildness that is hard to contain, with no resources or not enough to put it out;
leaving destruction in its path and destruction in the aftermath.
It becomes difficult to imagine that one can rise after and from the ashes to wholeness
yet differently and changed forever.
On small scales within individuals we are seeing it now, to big extremes we are watching it now.
Fires out of control in emotions and fears that are taking hold across our world.
To true fires of Colorado, and fears of the Badlands of South Dakota and those who say that any minute they will just blow; with just the right spark, just a moment of lightning and all will go in flames.
Where are the resources?
Where are the first responders to come from for the next big disasters and fires out of control?
Who is attending to the ones who now are exhausted and traumatized from all they have witnessed and done for so many?
We now know that these are the very firefighters that lay on an interstate to sleep between shifts as they did not want to go home.
Their dedication and passion, along with adrenalin kept them at the scene, wanting to control this fire.
Who was caring for them; providing supportive interventions and is now?
Who is standing for our first responders I keep wondering to be sure that they rise from the ashes intact; and are able to balance their profession and home life with all that they do.
Yet the same is said of so many in the world now; we watch and hear of so much in the professional arenas, with budget cuts, with the ability to attend conferences being stopped secondary to funds no longer available and the need to do more with less in this time.
Caregivers at home, going and doing and constantly running on empty.
Yet in this political year of elections, decisions and campaigns of talking and finding dirt on another; words and sentences taken and twisted and turned and leaving one to hold their heads in their hands and wondering if they will live from pay check to pay check;
while moral is at an all time low,
and soldiers return home wounded or in flag draped coffins,
who is noticing the fires raging within and around our lands.
Post Traumatic Stress is abounding in numbers never seen before.
7.7 million are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder each year PTSD;
and yet only 18% of those diagnosed are returning from war!
Just imagine how many are “undiagnosed” and out there fighting fires, in Uniform as EMS, Police, Therapists, helping professions, personal caregivers, disabled, and just folks trying to put out the fires in their own lives!
How many have the knowledge that one can rise from the ashes with a re-birth stronger than ever before, with hope and strength of a phoenix and the power to be more than they ever were before…
Will we run out of first responders as we see more and more lands ignite as folks in the Mid-West now begging for rain and bans on having a cook out, or lighting a smoke in South Dakota, or fear of riding a Motor Cycle in the Badlands because of the fear of a spark setting off a wildfire that will not be able to be contained?
Have you ever wondered if an evacuation plan has been thought about in some of these areas, and what a volunteer fire department consists of?
Is it 3 people? 17?
And how long does it take for help to arrive when battling more acres than one can fathom and to the cost of how many lives and trees and history ablaze?
Hearts of loss and grief and emotions that run wild as fires,
Yet it is often like the Phoenix who rises after the ashes that we never think of when it comes to self, of others. 
It is time, past time
that we look beyond the fire, the words of others that are turned and twisted to fit agendas and inflame.
It is past time that we offer, provide support, guidance, hope and motivation
to and for those on the front lines of doing for so many; those who are in the trenches of life
and train the next set of those who will be needing to stand.
For those who have stood in the past;
and find others to do what they can for others
in order to bring back unity for all.
In a world that at times seems to have lost
its way among the smoke.
As we rise
from the ashes
and the words that harm, while accepting responsiblity for our brothers and sisters
who stand.
Walk in Beauty

video by
fire - onlookers

fire – onlookers (Photo credit: Daveybot)

9 comments on “From the Ashes

  1. What a ‘time’ to post From the Ashes, especially since the Colorado shootings just happened. Yes, another horror upon us and as the Phoenix rises, eventually, very slowly will others. Perhaps that is why I keep my door closed more than open. For me, even with all my ‘tools’ of coping, compassionate nature, I too cry. Thank you, Dr. Sherry for your gentle spirit.

  2. hellooooo..
    very interesting thoughts today.. hmmm.. fire is scary, devastating and
    all of the above mentioned.. putting out personal fires daily here lately,
    most ignited from a simple, foolish and avoidable spark.. I need to work
    on THAT.. My heart breaks for those folks facing crushing changes in
    their lives due to the ferocious wildfires.. Thank God for first responders and
    volunteer firefolk from all across the nation.. Kudos for their compassion and
    bravery !!!
    S T O M P ~
    sign me, A.

  3. […] From the Ashes (drses.wordpress.com) Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterStumbleUponTumblrDiggRedditPinterestLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Posted in Christianity, Exhortation, Life Events […]

  4. My thoughts exactly doc! Kudos to all the firefighters, paramedics, police and first responders for all they do. Sleeping on the side of the road? How much can they give and hold up, and continue to serve?
    Be well doc.

  5. Great words and as I look around our country and see such anger and hate, I wonder what is going to lance the boil that has grown with all this anger and hate. People do not know how to work through emotions and turn to anger because anger is easier and yet our politicians are inflaming it. It makes me sad. hugs my friend.

  6. Happy Thursday to you Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope all is well with each of you. Dr. Sherry, I hope the Florida storms are not so much today. We are finally getting some much needed rain here in my corner of SE Michigan. Supposed to get some yesterday but most didn't see it at all. Hopefully, this rain will bring life back to the nature that is drying up and dying all over the area.

    Your words today really touched home you know for me and many I know and work with daily. PTSD is so strong here as well where we live and work. The first responders are suffering with pay cuts such that they can't afford to work and live at such a low rate or else the first responders jobs are cut so thin that those left can't keep up. It is sad! So sad to watch and hear and know of those people out there that call 911 in an event and 911 never arrives, is not prepared or arrives too late to do any good. That happens so much here to the extent that it is heart wrenching. Expecially to the first responder who is trained to do what they are supposed to do but because of cutbacks or lack of man power or instruments they do no good through no fault of their own. So many sick and injured people never make it to a hospital or they arrive too late because of this. So much to think about today.

    Take care friends and have a terrific Thursday. If those rain beings are sticking around Florida today send them off to Michigan where we need some heavy rains /Sandy♥

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