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Has anyone here seen Martin… Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr., 50 years after his inspiring “I have a dream” speech, more than 45 years later, his words, his quotes still relevant today. But, have we kept moving? What in the world would Martin be saying about his brothers and sisters today? Along with John as they watch us from the other side, all people who now fall back on conversations of such rabid racial economic political dissension that continues to divide the walk, the talk, the very core of love and unity.

The “I have a dream” speech that moved millions, that is still being passed down after all these years, still talked about as many will gather today, will be in or view the parades honoring a great man… the walks that will be walked in remembrance of Martin. Are we moving in our souls with the intention of unity for all as brothers and sisters in a world that seems to continually foster divide? Now to the point of insanity with school shootings, theater goers and popcorn/pre movie texting and bam someone lies dead. Kids in the streets with no regard for human life, who take a life as a result of boredom, racial slurs on regular days, to the point of talk shows being centered on a new form of racism based on the “shade of skin” not the content of character.

What would Martin think of 2014… and the new arm in arm walk through Selma that is needed, along with streets across the country, or at the roads leading to the final resting places of the fallen in order to protect them from Westboro Baptist Hate Churches. 

Love Wins… we’ve come a long way  on many a winding road, and we’ve fallen back in ways of character, respect of human life in ways unimagined. Fear, intolerance of opinion, ways of life, along with tolerance and desensitization of horror may be pieces of the dream falling to shreds in human fiber … Are we living the dream, embracing the walk of so many so long ago while embracing the light of life?

 Love Wins… at times it is tough love, it is complicated love, it is love that says, with rights come responsibilities along with accountability.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day, remember his life, his walk, his intention for ALL people to be a strong and United people. Hold tight to hope, to strength, to character in all days, all ways, through the spectrum of the rainbow that stretches from here to the next place.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” 

In a world that somehow seems to be filled with more hate than ever, remind folks… LOVE Wins.

It’s been a long time since Abraham was here, since Martin was here, since John was here, since so many were here…
So much has changed. I’m thinking that Martin would shake his head as he sees some of the “moments of fall backs” that we have witnessed in this country, across the world as we remember him with parades across the land today.  Some folks off work, some work through it, some even unaware of it. However, we a a people all could use a reminder, some a swift kick in the butt, to work a lot harder on character, on love being the driving light in the land of love and hand of kindness in the goal of making this world one of Unity. Our blood runs red… in every living thing.


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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”


May you walk in beauty,


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